Okay most people have probably read about it but now prepare for some details about the Johnny Depp Signature.

A lot of people arrive at our booth and walk straight up to the Johnny Depp. You also hear a lot of talking from people walking by. “Oh have you seen the JD? – That’s the Johnny Depp! – Alight so that’s the Johnny Depp Signature?”. But also I was asked quite some times “Okay… yeah… but… why Johnny Depp?”.
I could probably give you dozens of reasons why we did it but in the end, I think it’s safe to say that we mostly do things because we feel that it might just be the right thing to do.
From what I have heard and read (and yes, you do read and hear a lot), Johnny actually started acting to support his career as a musician. One might say that things have turned out a little better then probably expected in the first place but Johnny has always been a musician.
It’s my guess that two years from now, things will be seen differently than today.

Alright, enough with the talking. Some details now as promised.
The Body of the JDS is made from American Alder combined with an American Maple neck and an Ash top. On top of that, there is an aluminum top plate in which we etched a selection of his personal tattoos. The tattoos have all been photographed (which was a great honor for us) and repainted on the computer to have them applied on the aluminum top. The image that you can see on the back of the guitar is actually the tattoo Johnny has on his back. You can find further references to his tattoos everywhere on the guitar.
The pickup is a classically wound P90 style. A little switch close to the volume pot (which is the only control on the guitar apart from the switch) allows you to do a coil tap to switch between full fat P90 sound and a more vintage Telly sound… which does work really well by the way – honestly. The coil that you can take out of the signal actually has 1963 windings, which is Johnny’s year of birth – which, I think, is an absolutely great little detail.

The Johnny Depp Signature will be limited to 52 pieces but just 40 of them will be sold. The guitar will come with a custom black case and also some very special case goodies. There will be a custom Zippo lighter sporting one of Johnny’s tattoos and a set of three of Johnny’s favorite cigars in a leather casing, also with an engraved tattoo on the front.

For us, this was a very special project because we really wanted to make something very personal for Johnny.
In the end, we think it has become a really great guitar.
And when we told Johnny that we really feel honored but don’t want to make a pirate guitar for him, rumor has it that his only words were:

“Thank you”



  1. L MILLS
    26. January 2014

    How or where can I get one?

    • AL
      27. January 2014

      If you are interested, please contact “info(at)”

  2. Guitar Shop Saarbrücken, Germany...we will have one to sell!
    30. January 2014

    Just get in contact, if you want.


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