Imperial Ball 8 – First of All

Yes, I know it is late but we were so busy to deal with all the “after-NAMM” madness that some things had to be postponed.

As every year, Duesenberg, this year along with 65Amps, TonePros, American Hot Rods Inc., Tatuaje, Sapporo and the Fullerton FMC Museum, staged the 8th Imperial Ball NAMM After Show Party. Unlike the last years, where up to now the Imperial Ball was located in Fullerton at the Imperial Ballroom, this year it all took place in the school hall of the Servite High School in Anaheim. Completely different place, about 1000 visitors.

As soon as you entered the venue, the world was a completely different place. Duane Mayer of American Hot Rods supported the Party by placing a selection of his finest and coolest looking Hot Rods all around the place and even on the stage with a red 50’s Chevy leading the way.

B82A2781(Duane Mayer [American Hot Rods Inc.] & Ingo Renner [CEO/Vice President of Duesenberg Guitars) – photo by Martin Huch

This venue was very unique – strange and extremely cool at the same time. Understatement and overstatement definitely shook hands here.
What made it all as crazy as it was, was the fact that everyone who was there, was about to see an exceptional selection of some of the world’s greatest artists – on a highschool stage.

Local Blues Man Bubba, who had a very smooth Texas Blues SRV style, started the show with an incredible amount of tone and feel – absolutely amazing.



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  1. Patrick
    4. February 2014

    Go Bubba!


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