Imperial Ball 8 – The Depp Show


“You could also refer to it as the Depp Show”

When the last chord of Marilyn Manson’s song “The Dope Show” vibrated through the room, these words hit the crowd like a baseball bat. Probably only few of the visitors actually realised before what was really happening here. That guy on the stage is Johnny Depp, about 30ft away and noone on the stage had said his name before.
Name said – crowd ignited.

As cool as he is on the screens of this world, as cool he is on the stage. Johnny Depp definitely knows how to be cool. As a musician that night, he was likably and handsomely reserved. Being one of three guitar players on the stage he was hitting the sweet notes at the right time.

But this show wasn’t about showing off skills – it was more about having a good time on stage and the energy of it all.

Considering the frontmen Johnny invited up on stage one after another, energy was a no-brainer. Most people didn’t know who was about to join the guys on stage and when Marilyn Manson stepped out of the backstage shadows it was clear that this night would have some surprises for everyone.
Now, one can say and think about Manson whatever he likes but this man has a sort of raw energy to in him that only few people can deliver. Absolutely powerful, absolutely shocking and absolutely amazing. It literally was some kind of ‘wake-up-shout’ that this night would not be as expected.


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