Imperial Ball 8 – Schools Out for the Brick in the Wall

When Manson after more or less half an hour carelessly threw his mic in one of the Hot Rods on stage at the end of “Beautiful People”, he gave the impression that his performace as lead singer might not have been the only one that night.
Manson and Depp did some stuff that guys do together when they are on stage – hugs, smiles and applause for each other, and that was that – professional cool. They’re best buddies though.


I can’t really remember when and how it exactly happend but all of a sudden the crowd began to freak out and I was abruptly robbed of the nice conversation I had with my ex-colleague who was sitting beside me.

Alice Cooper had entered the stage. Superiorly smiling and already weaving his famous walking cane he started the show with an interpretation of “5 to 1” gliding into a Doors cover of “Break on Through”
I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself an Alice Cooper fan (mostly because it wasn’t my decade) but I was absolutely blown away by the performance and the infectious enthusiasm that this man unleashed.

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To top his own show, he eventually donated his beloved cane to a lucky person in the crowd – hope he or she survided the envy.

One of my personal highlights that night was Coopers version of the classic “School’s out” and the way he mixed it with “Another Brick in the Wall” – mindblowing.
Youtube videos probably can’t mirror what was happening that moment but you should still have a look at it.


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