Imperial Ball 8 – Ribbons on the Mic-Stand


Alice Cooper was done and there was silence for a moment. Everybody began talking with the person sitting next again and I had a chance to pick up the conversation with my ex-colleague.
Alice Cooper had set a level of energy even on top of Manson’s performance that was a perfect match – the mood was amazing in that moment.

One of the tech’s came up on stage and placed a mic-stand with some long ribbons attached to it right in the center. It wasn’t over yet.
“You are fuckin kiddin me!” I heard a person two rows behind me shout.
Everyone in the room who knew what this stand means began clapping and cheering – and everyone else joined.
Steven Tyler entered the stage. Walked up to the mic. Began talking.
He croaked out that he had some issues with his voice, rehearsal and everything must have been too much. He apologized for that.

Then hell broke lose. He was shouting, dancing around the stage leaving everyone breathless who had heard his voice before. I thought he might only be able to perform one or two songs at best like that but he ended up doing a set of five songs (including an acoustic song) that were charged with power and energy right down to the last note.
They did an extremely cool and smokey version of “House of the Rising Sun” and ended with a version of “Train Kept A Rolling”.
During this all he danced and weaved his mic-stand over his head in the old rock’n’roll fashion.
Mr Tyler – great respect for that one.


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  1. Aug
    14. February 2014

    Incredible performance by mister Tyler…happy I had the chance to be there :))


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