Imperial Ball 8 – Doozy Auction

When Steven Tyler finished his last song, Manson and Cooper came back on stage and the whole ensemble did a cover version of The Beatles’ “Come Together”.
And that was it. The crowd was still energized, completey blown away by what they’ve just seen – happy faces everywhere. Nathan Fawley, the head of Duesenberg’s distribution in the US entered the stage, gave his “Thanks” and “Bye” to Johnny and everyone else and looked refreshingly relieved that everything had worked out so well. I had some little insights on what it was like to organize and prepare the show and believe me – you have no idea. At least I hadn’t.
Thanks to Nathan and everyone else who supported the show for the great job they did.

After a few seconds, Nathan had his son bring out a “Duesenberg Fullerton CC Hollow” guitar which had been signed by everyone on stage and announced that this guitar would be auctioned with the benefits being donated to charity organisations.
But no matter who benefits from it, think of it: a guitar that is signed by all the musicians on stage, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler and Johnny Depp. I saw some really big eyes in the crowd.
Bids came faster and faster and when the guitar reached about $20.000 Nathan asked Ingo Renner, CEO of Duesenberg Guitars Germany if they could put another Johnny Depp Signature on top – Ingo nodded.
Eventually, the guitars were sold to their new owner for 36.000$.

Everyone left the room chatting, laughing, smiling – some drunk, some sober, some in silence, some in relief.
I was standing beside Ingo, Dieter, Martin, Moppi and the others and just let the moment breathe for some minutes.

And then it was over.

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