Booth Built

We eventually arrived at the fairground and our booth. Setting up a booth for the show is harder than you might actually think. Every guitar needs to be placed carefully. Where are the new models placed? Which color looks best next to a Blue Sparkle Starplayer Special? Do there really need to be six Starplayers? What about the Lapsteel? Do we need the Effects and where the damn Doozy did I put the bottle of water?

After all the instruments were carried to booth C 4868 and placed accurately, everyone received a small briefing from the boss regarding details to construction, set up, pickup configuration and pricing of the new models for this year – and we were good to go.

It’s gonna be an exciting day tomorrow and because you’ve waited for quite some time now, here’s the list of what’s new for this year:

  • Johnny Depp Artist Series
  • Fullerton Elite Series
  • Refreshed Caribou Lineup
  • 59er Series
  • Starplayer TV without F-Hole
  • Custom Shop Starplayer TV Rusty Steel Series


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